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And group photos of Joe Ream's Family
John's Grand Parents
Joseph H. Ream   b. Oct. 5, 1903   d. Jan 20, 1988
Anita Ream   b. Oct. 3, 1906   d. Apr. 17, 1955
John Davis Small   b. Oct 11, 1893   d. Jan 23, 1963
Gwendolyn Davis Small   b. May 31, 1900   d. Jan 3, 1975

SMALL Grandparents

Commodore John Davis Small / Gwendolyn Davis Small (Mimi) / Joseph H. Ream (OM)
June 18, 1955 (Jack and Skip's Wedding)

Gwendolyn Davis Small (Mimi) / Joseph H. Ream (OM) / Virginia Ream / Nancy Ream
March 1st, 1958 Joe Ream's "OM" Wedding to Virginia Brown Miller "Ginny" Washington DC

REAM Grandparents

Anita Ream
Christmas 1954 (age 48), Tallahassee, Florida

Anita Ream 1925 (age 19), and with her family, 1910, Anita (age 4), Portia, Zona, JQ Biggs

Anita Ream 1921 (age 15)    Bigger     Anita Ream 1924 (age 18)    Bigger

Anita 1932 (age 25)
with Jack    Bigger
    Anita 1937 (age 30)
with Dave, Ossining, NY    Bigger
    Anita 1940 (age 33)
with Nancy, Ossining, NY    Bigger

Joe Ream ~1906 (age 3)    Bigger     Joe Ream (age 20)    Bigger
The KU Sweater Story, Fall 1923
Joe Ream ~1945 (age 42)    Bigger Joe Ream (age 42)    Bigger
CBS, Vice President, May 31, 1945

Joe Ream with four oldest children, Ossining, NY, 1940
Jack (8), Joe (37), Steve (6), Dave (3), Nancy (8 months)
    Jack, Dave, Nancy, Steve   1940
These two photos taken by Jane Margaret Ream

Joe Ream - Family, 1946, 18 Hibben Road, Princeton
Jack, Joe, Anita, Steve, Chris, Nancy, Dave

Joe Ream - Family, 1949, Princeton
Jack, Steve, Anita, Joe,
Dave, Chris, Nancy

Joe Ream & Anita, Princeton 1952

Joseph H. Ream - 1956 Rocking Chair Ranch, Tallahassee, Florida

Joe Ream - Family, December 1953 Rocking Chair Ranch
Nancy, Steve, Anita, Dave, Joe, Jack, Chris, and Susie (the dachshund)

Joe Ream - Family, April 19th, 1955 Rocking Chair Ranch
Immediately after Anita's funeral & burial (Sad day, sad faces)
Steve, Dave, Chris, Joe, Nancy, Skip, Jack

Joe Ream - Siblings, 1948, Somerset Penna.
Anita, Florence, Euphemia, Helen, Sunny
Joe, Don, Frank, Dwight, Jay

Joe Ream - Siblings with Kids, 1948, Somerset Penna.
Steve, Dwight, Joe, Frank, Don, Euphemia, Jay
Dave, Nancy, Florence, Sunny, Anita, Martha, Helen
Jack, Mary, Tom, Jim, Barbara Jo

Joe Ream - 1945 (age 41)

CBS selling radio station WBT, Bryan signs the contract for the purchase.
Pictured left to right are: Frank Stanton (CBS President), U.S. Marshal Edney Ridge (FCC),
Joseph Bryan (Southeastern Broadcasting President, Frank White (CBS) and Joseph Ream

Joe Ream's "OM" Wedding to Virginia Brown Miller "Ginny"
March 1st, 1958   (lasted about 5 months)   Washington DC, Mayflower Hotel
Jack, Steve, Chris, Brownie Miller, Dave, Terry Miller, Nancy
Storm Davis Small (my Mother), Ginny, Joseph Ream

Nancy's wedding, February 2, 1963
Jack, Mary Jo, Bob McGrath, Nancy, Chris, Dave, Bob's mother, Steve, Joe
(Skip's father had died about 10 days before, so she was absent)

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