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    Theodore Jackson Ream - Photos
    b. Apr. 15, 1853 Greentown, Ohio.   d. Jan. 30, 1918 Topeka, Kansas
    Cassander Hanes "Cassie" Ream
    b. Nov. 25, 1858 (Norwich, Ohio), d. Aug. 24, 1947
    T.J. and Cassie - 1905
    T.J. - 1866 Age 13
      T.J. with Children - 1895
    Florence, T.J., Clarence, Cassie
    Jay, Dwight
      T.J. with Children - 1915
    T.J., Cassie, Frank, Clarence
    Dwight, Joseph, Merrill
    Hiawatha, Kansas (Florance is not in this photo)
      T.J. With Siblings - 1899
    Frank, T.J., Norman, Joe, Harvey
    Emma, Ella, Maggie
    T.J. Sisters - 1880
    Ella, Emma, Maggie
    T.J. With Brothers - 1880
    Norman, Harvey, Homer
    Joe, Frank, T.J.

    T.J., probably 1913,
    OM wrote "A studio picture of Theodore Jackson Ream. He was probably about 60 at the time, and is more or less as the Old Man remembers him."

    T.J., probably 1917, not long before his death

    Cassie, 1933, 75th Birthday

    Cassie, 1940, Ossining NY

    T.J.'s Father, Andrew P. Ream (1821-1885)

        Thanks to Dave Ream, July 2003, November 2004!
        Thanks to Nancy Ream, December 2004, March 2013!

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