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    Reamstown, Pennsylvania 17567

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        Johann Eberhardt Riehm, and his in-laws, settled among the Indians in 1724.
    On February 24, 1724, Eberhardt Riehm of Conestoga asked for a grant of 200 acres of land on a branch of that creek, inclnding a small Indian settlement called Cocalico." (Minutes of the Board of Property of the Province of Pennsylvania, Minute Book L). ,,He has the Indians' consent to settle and can pay the purchase money down." Eberhard and Anna Elisabetha Riehm settled their family on the banks of the Cocalico Creek. Their nearest neighbors were the Delaware Indians who lived in a village across the creek from the Riehms. The Riehm boys grew up with these peaceful Indians and hunted and fished with them.

    Johann Eberhardt Riehm and his family were members of the Muddy Creek Reformed Church. Tobias Ream, a son of Eberhard, laid out a plan for a town to be called Zoar, located on land deeded to him by his father. This town was commonly called Reamstown even in the early days of the town's history when it was officially called Zoar. In 1803 the name was officially changed to Reamstown when the post office was established there. The town celebrated its bicentennial in 1960.

           (Source: http://users.legacyfamilytree.com/EvaGremmert/9972.htm)

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        I found this Historical Sketch of Reamstown on the internet.

        www.rhs-m.org   Reamstown Historical Society and Museum
                October 17, 2018 Dissolving the Reamstown Historical Society and Museum. News webpage.
                They're moving all the historical stuff to the Historical Society of the Cocalico Valley, Ephrata, PA, Website.

      Reamstown PA is part of East Cocalico Township   Map
        Old link not working, Reamstown.org   more current town info

        Most Notable Current Residents: Jack and Shirley Lee (Ream), 31 South Reamstown Road, Ream Family Association

        Reamstown Book: "Reamstown 240", to commerate the 240th anniversary of Reamstown. The Reamstown 240 (years) book is available for $30 ($25 for the book and $5 for shipping). Mail your request to Reamstown 240, Box F, Reamstown, PA 17567. The book is hard bound, 381 pages; genealogies of the earliest Reamstown families; pictures of old building, churches, old & new; listings of cemetery burials of the three largest cemeteries. Lots of stories of people and deeds; history of Reamstown (from Eberhardt onward); drawings of first town lots.
       Authors:   Good, Ronald B; Ebersole, Mark; Albright, Rev. John R; et al.
       Title:   Reamstown 240, You Determine Where You Are Going By Reflecting Where You Have Been.
       Pub:   1st. Edition. Reamstown, PA, July 15, 1999. Pp. 381.
    Website Editor: Book information was as of February 2002, no promises on availabity or price.

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