Vinnie Ream Hoxie

I get quite a few inquiries about Vinnie Ream. So here are my notes.

   Born: September 25, 1847 in Madison, Wisconsin
   Died: November 20, 1914 in Washington D.C.
   Buried: Arlington National Cemetery, Plot: Section 3 Lot 1876 Grid T-16 Find-a-grave

. . Parents: Robert Lee Ream (1811-1885) Born: Greggs Township, Centre County, PA
. . Parents: Lavina McDonald (1809-1893) Born: Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland
. . . GrandParents: John Fredrick Ream (1754-1837) and Barbara Ream (1772-~1837) (Yes, her Maiden name was Ream)
. . . . . . . Barbara was her husband's 1st Cousin, once removed. (ie. She married her Father's 1st Cousin)
. . . . . . . She was daugther of Abraham Ream (1747-1817) (see previous Web page #3)
. . . . . . . Barbara, Born: 10 Dec 1772, Breaknock Township, Berks County, PA
. . . . . . . Barbara, Died: Abt 1837, Buried: Centre County, PA
. . . . . . . John F., Born: 14 Oct 1754, Reamstown, Cocalico Township, Lancaster County, PA
. . . . . . . John F., Died 3 Feb 1837, Buried: Hickman Cemetery, Gregg Township, Centre County, PA
. . . . . GreatGrandParents (via John F.): Matthias Ream (1726-1789) and Magdalena??
. . . . . GreatGrandParents (via Barbara): Abraham Ream (1747-1817) and Elizabeth Neidig (1749-1786)

Vinnie Ream Family Tree

       At the age of thirty, May 28, 1878, Vinnie married Lieutenant Richard Leveridge Hoxie. (1844-1931)
Richard Leveridge Hoxie received his early education in Italy, where his father was a merchant and importer. He returned to America in 1858. He then attended Iowa State University for three years. When the Civil War started, he enlisted in the First Iowa Cavalry. After the war, he served in the Army Engineers, in Western exploration and in the construction of new water and sewer systems. As District Engineer, he designed and constructed the Washington, D.C. water supply system, including filtration plants and underground aqueducts. He laid out part of the Rock Creek Park in Washington. He married Vinnie Ream in 1878. Brig. Gen. Richard Levering Hoxie retired from the U.S. Army in 1908. On November 20, 1914, Vinnie Ream died. She was buried in Arlington National Cemetary.
In 1917, Richard L. Hoxie married Mae Ruth Norcross (called Ruth) of Clearfield, PA. She was an education editor for the Philadelphia Record. She had attended George Washington University and took a great interest in the work of her husband's first wife and her friend in Washington social circles, sculptor Vinnie Ream. General Hoxie died in April of 1930. Ruth and General Hoxie had a son named Ritchie who died in 1936 of cancer. In July of 1959, Mae Ruth Norcross died. She, along with General Hoxie and Vinnie Ream Hoxie are all buried at Arlington National Cemetary in the family plot.

       One Son: Richard Ream Hoxie (1883-~1936)

Interesting Document via Boston Public Library
    Hoxie, R. L. Vinnie Ream. Washington: n.p., 1908. Nineteenth Century Collections Online. Web. 26 Jan. 2016.      Gale Document Number: GALE|AURZHP838048422

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Painting by: George Peter Alexander Healy,   Rome, Italy 1870
"Vinnie Ream", 31.375" x 22.5", National Museum of American Art at Smithsonian Institution

"A Labor of Love"
"The Life and Art of Vinnie Ream"
by Glenn V. Sherwood,   First Edition 1997.

Glenn is a descendent of Abraham Ream (1747-1817),
and his 2nd wife, Magdalena, child George F. Ream.

"Vinnie Ream", First Edition 1963.

Farragut Square
Vinnie Ream Statue
April 2003

Vinnie Ream's Family Tree. (Source: Glenn Sherwood)